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Out of Africa, By The NFT Lab

A pioneer in the digital asset space, Invictus Capital has unveiled its first NFT (non-fungible token) collection through the Invictus NFT Lab which combines African fine art with blockchain technology.

“The global pandemic has been especially challenging for creatives worldwide, with fine artists particularly hard hit by gallery closures, curtailed travel and cancelled exhibitions,” says Brett Bellairs from 131 A Gallery. In the face of these challenges, many digital artists have embraced the opportunity to engage with the fast-growing community of NFT collectors. But artists who make physical works have been left behind. At the same time, traditional art collectors have struggled to see the value proposition of ownership rights to a publicly-accessible digital file.

The Out of Africa Collection by the Invictus NFT Lab bridges this gap in that it's an NFT collection that includes curated artworks in physical form from a range of professional fine artists at the top of their game. Collectors will bid on NFT representations of the original, physical artworks. These NFTs act like a certificate of ownership that allows the holder to have the physical artwork delivered to them, if they wish. The NFT representations will often incorporate animation, or other augmented reality features made possible by digitisation.

The collection is made up of 118 curated, unique NFTs by top southern African artists backed by (and redeemable for) physical artworks across a range of mediums. The project is a first foray into the NFT space for most of the participating artists and will introduce their work to a global crypto market. “This inaugural collection is a first of its kind for southern African artists, and global investors,” says Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO at Invictus Capital.

The strength of southern Africa's diversity in culture and artistic style shines throughout the collection; from Robert Slingsby’s use of ancient geometry to celebrate African heritage, Blessing Ngobeni’s brave sociopolitical commentary to Olivié Keck’s pop culture-inspired whimsy. "This collection is a triumph for these artists and represents some of the finest new, upcoming and established talent,” says Marelize van Zyl, Curator for the Out of Africa NFT collection.

For collectors, NFTs make it possible to cut out significant middleman costs that can make investing in art otherwise unpalatable. “For artists, NFTs give them access to a truly global audience and a royalty-driven revenue model made possible by blockchain,” says Charl Bezuidenhout of WorldART.  

The project will culminate in an auction in March for NFT representations of the original artworks. The auction will be facilitated by the OpenSea NFT marketplace, the world’s largest and most trusted NFT resale platform.

The Invictus NFT Lab is an example of Invictus Capital's imperative to disrupt traditional investment and financial services. "We believe that an NFT Lab, like this one, will go a long way to bringing NFTs into mainstream investment portfolios, and appeal to traditional art collectors; modern NFT collectors and anyone in between”, says Schwartzkopff.

Prospective investors interested in the project can subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on participating artists and artworks, as well as concrete dates for each project phase. The technical details can be found in the Litepaper, and the project’s progress can be tracked via Twitter or Instagram.

All participating artists

              • Abongile Sidzumo
              • Adele Van Heerden
              • Alistair Campbell
              • Anthony Lane
              • Asha Zero
              • Blessing Ngobeni
              • Brendan Body
              • Claude Chandler
              • Daniel Levi
              • Dave Robertson
              • Diana Hyslop
              • Eric Sher
              • Francoise Viglietti
              • Grant de Lange
              • Greatjoy Ndlovu
              • Heike allerton-davies
              • J.P Meyer
              • Janko de Beer
              • Jenna Wessels
              • Kilmany-Jo Liversage
              • Lerato Lodi
              • Linda Chandia
              • Luan Nel
              • Madikotsi “Mummy” Khumalo
              • Matthew Hindley
              • Mfundo Mthiyane
              • Michael Amery
              • MJ Lourens
              • Moonjava
              • Musa Nxumalo
              • Norman O’Flynn
              • Olivié Keck
              • One K
              • Peter van Straaten
              • Phumulani Ntuli
              • Robert Slingsby
              • Ruhan Janse van Vuuren
              • Shui-Lyn White
              • Stanislaw Trzebinski
              • Usha Seejarim
              • Vusi Beauchamp
              • Zamani Ngubane

Featured Artworks

Vusi Beauchamp, Revolution 1.1, 2019, Mixed media on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

Kilmany Jo Liversage
Acrylic, spray paint and marker on canvas
198 x 198 cm

Norman O’Flynn
Be the goodtime keeper
Acrylic paint on canvas
150 x 100 cm

Matthew Hindley
With exceeding joy, 2021
Watercolour on paper
40 x 50 cm

Matthew Hindley
I Will Change The Colour Of Every Cloth To What Colour Thou Desirest, 2021
Watercolour on paper
40 x 50 cm

Matthew Hindley
Their Thirtieth Year, 2021
Watercolour on paper
40 x 50 cm

Matthew Hindley
They Returned Home, 2021
Watercolour on paper
40 x 50 cm


Phumulani Ntuli, The Voyeur, mixed media on canvas, 96 x 80 cm

Daniel Levy
Puer Aeternus, 2020
Oil on Canvas
50cm x 45 cm
Framed in Walnut

Blessing Ngobeni
Back to the roots
Mixed media on canvas
90 cm x 150 cm

Asha Zero
zzmhodd, 2018
Acrylic paint on board
42 x 36 cm

Olivié Keck, Broken Telephone, 2021, acrylic on canvas, framed, 43 x 42 cm

Adele van Heerden
A hot mess, 2021
Ink and gouache on drafting film
54,5 x 84 cm

Olivié Keck
Send Nudes, Love Catsanova, 2021
Acrylic on board
60,9 x 45,7 cm

Usha Seejarim
Freedom and Resistance
Sculpture: iron bases, paint
120 x 152 x 1,50 cm

Musa Nxumalo, Wake Up, Kick Ass and Repeat!, photographic print, 56 x 84 cm

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