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Latitudes Limited


Latitudes Limited is a collection of editioned artworks created by select African artists.

The purpose behind Latitudes Limited is to offer new collectors access to affordable multiples by emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Every month we offer new editions to our Latitudes Limited community, via an online Latitudes Drop. The artists and artworks featured in each Drop are kept secret until the launch, and editions are limited, so sign up below, for first access to our monthly reveals.

Latest Drop...

Waiting on Time...
by Adesola Yusuf, AKA: Arclight

Arclight, 2022, Waiting on Time… Limited edition digital print on Felix Schoeller True Fibre 200gsm, 81 x 61 cm, Edition of 15, R6,500 ex. VAT

Adesola Yusuf (Arclight) is a 25-year-old multidimensional artist from Lagos, Nigeria. His visually expressive work takes inspiration through the ages, from renaissance art, to modern minimalist, pop and internet art.

Arclight believes that a better understanding of self leads to a better comprehension of society. He uses art as a medium to archive the experience of his own personality and individuality, and also the effect of sociopolitical issues on daily life. "We must support each other while setting our diversity aside but also respecting it. We should find strength in our diversity and uniqueness."

Adesola has exhibited at ART X Lagos, and internationally at AG18 gallery, Austria, GAZELL.iO Project Space, Art Dubai and others.

Adesola Yusuf (Arclight), Portrait


Olivié Keck is September's Latitudes Limited artist!

Olivié Keck, Bed Spread (detail), 2022, Felix Schoeller True Fibre 200gsm, BUY NOW

I relish loud colours, juxtaposing ideas, jumbled associations and subverting expectations. - Olivié Keck 

OLIVIÉ KECK, portrait, courtesy of the artist

Olivié Keck received a BAFA from Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 2011.

"There’s a ‘pleasure spiked with pain’ feeling about the work I make. This is a sensation I feel captures my experience of the world. Humans are never fully in one attitude; and I’d like to think my work echoes both the severity and the humour in this sentiment."

Olivié has exhibited at CIRCA/Everard Read JHB, 131A Gallery, David Krut and has exhibited internationally with No Man's Art Gallery in Tehran, The Kala Art Institute in Berkeley/USA and XPO, Netherlands. 

Olivié Keck, Bedroom Eyes (detail), 2022, Felix Schoeller True Fibre 200gsm, BUY NOW


We're excited to announce that Cameron Platter is the first artist to create an exclusive work for our monthly Latitudes Limited print collection!

Platter’s vivid mixed-media works explore notions of excess and consumption through the lens of a South African identity. Across drawing, sculpture, painting and video, Platter is interested in creating work which is provocative yet universally relatable, touching on themes including sex, beauty, politics and violence.

The artist's works form part of the permanent collections of MoMA New York, The Frac des Pays de la Loire, Zeitz MOCAA, The Margulies Collection and the Iziko South African National Gallery.

"This artwork is about everything, all together, happening all at once."
 - Cameron Platter 

Secret Island Exodus, 2022, Silkscreen on Fabriano Academia 300gsm, 140 x 93 cm, edition size: 30, R 12,500 ex. VAT. Printed by Roxy Kaczmarek and Cloudia Rivett-Carnac. 

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