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Curate.a.Space presents Binocular Vision

A Double Up Project

This exhibition shows perspectives by three Veteran artists, Thami Jali, Thokozani Mthiyane, and Sue Clark  as well as three young artists, Thalente Khomo, Thembi Mthembu and Mfezeko Gumada. Showing them together gives a sense of the depth of contemporary art in 2022.

One eye doesn’t give proper depth perception. In order to balance and walk you need two eyes. Looking through both gives you a sense of the depth and complexity of the world. The title of “Binocular Vision” interrogates this.

The veteran artists are those who have been exhibiting and working successfully for many years and experienced changes both in techniques and mind sets. They have developed their own artistic identity whilst living through many of South Africa’s metamorphises.

Their work has evolved into contemporary expression without forsaking their particular styles.

Showing them alongside the relatively new artists enables us to appreciate a new vision where personal identity is an important element in their art practice.

The exhibition will be held in the “Upstairs at Bamboo Gallery” in Melville which is above the popular coffee shop “Service Station”, Convoy Clothing, Love Books.

Opening: Saturday 22 October, 11 am.

We will be partnering with a new Vintage clothing shop in the same complex called “Yellow Pre-loved” so it promises to be a fun event. 

This is Curate.a.Space’s introduction to Joburg and the majority of the artists are KZN’s best kept secret. This promises to be an exciting event and introduction to some of our best talents. Come along and bring your friends.

Above artwork: Thalente Khomo, Woman and Earth, 2018, 100% cotton rag 310gsm, R 15,000 ex. VAT, Contact to Buy

Thalente Khomo, Lesiziba II, 2021, 100% cotton rag 310gsm, R 18,500 ex. VAT

Mfezeko Gumada, Kaloku Ubushushu Bo Lo, 2022, Cardboard Cards, Crochet Thread & Ribbons, R 10,500 ex. VAT

In my work, I seek to decipher my childhood memories. I am interested in unpacking these memories in order to deepen my understanding of life. I visit a world that is present, spiritual, ancient and traumatic. - Thalente Khomo

Sue Clark, City as a Forest: PreTswane, 2021, Ink and Graphite Drawing, framed, R 7,500 ex. VAT

My work creates a visual balance between growth and decay, memory and forgetting, the past, the present and the city’s imagined future. - Sue Clark

Thembi Mthembu, A Zulu Shape Shifter (detail), 2022, Archival ink on 280gsm Innova Rag, R 11,300 ex. VAT

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