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Latitudes Online and L’MAD Collection present
a summer collection of limited-edition silk scarves & accompanying NFT
by South African visual artists


L’MAD Collection partners with Latitudes to present Made it to the life raft - a summer collection of silk scarves. The Made it to the life raft collection will be available online at Latitudes and in-store at Guillotine Design, 44 Stanley, Johannesburg.

In a groundbreaking move, Latitudes offered an accompanying NFT with the first 25 editions of each scarf purchased on the site. The accompanying NFT served as a Certificate of Authenticity for the limited-edition scarf. As always, our aim is to make the art world accessible, and we hope that encouraging clients to explore the world of NFTs in an accessible and familiar platform, such as Latitudes, did exactly this.

About the Artists

  • Cinthia Sifa Mulanga: Cinthia Sifa Mulanga’s work explores beauty constructs through her lived experience as an African woman. Using mixed media, she creates moments and conversations within domestic spaces, which function to challenge stereotypes and interrogate misconceptions.

  • Shakil Solanki: Shakil Solanki’s work is informed by his South Asian heritage and identity as a queer, brown man. His deeply personal paintings and prints convey experiences of heartbreak, pain and vulnerability. 

  • Io Makandal: Io Makandal works primarily with drawing, photography and installation. Her practice is concerned with feminist and environmental embodiments of process and the binary between nature and artifice.

  • Maja Maljević: Born in Serbia and based in South Africa for over twenty years, Maja Maljević’s particular style brings together drips, blocks, bands and waves of colour, as she searches for harmony between colour and form, line and shape, expansive surface and small detail.
  • Jana+Koos: The multidisciplinary art collective, Jana+Koos, creates work across art, fashion, graphic design, photography, interiors and illustration, and is known for experimentation, play and their irreverent sense of humour. 

  • Olivié Keck: Olivié Keck relishes loud colours, juxtaposing ideas, jumbled associations and subverting expectations. There’s a ‘pleasure spiked with pain’ feeling about her work, which captures her experience of the world. 

  • Pebofatso Mokoena: Painter and printmaker Pebofatso Mokoena’s practice is underscored by precise mark-making and division of space. His work orbits between critical discourses across the spheres of visual art architecture, global culture and aesthetics.

  • Puleng Mongale: Puleng Mongale’s imagined, photoshopped landscapes are vivid renderings of a life she yearns for; a form of intensely personal catharsis into which she inserts images of herself, reinventing her life and creating new contexts.

Shakil Solanki, 'Fabulous Muscles', 600 x 1700mm, 100% Silk Satin, Price: R2,600.00 ex. VAT

Olivé Keck, Ophelia Forever, 900 x 900mm, 100% Silk Satin, Price: R 2,300.00 ex. VAT

About L’MAD Collection

L’MAD – Lucy MacGarry Art & Design – is an arts-based production company that curates unique and limited-edition collections in a variety of media. Working directly with established and emerging African artists, L’MAD explores several concepts – at the forefront is the crossover between art, fashion and design, and with it the juxtaposition of materials, scale and form. Boundaries between art and design are questioned by functional pieces that also hold valuable, aesthetic or sculptural qualities. L’MAD is orientated towards activating projects that present multidisciplinary creativity, and encourage long-term relationships with artists and their collaborating partners.

Previous collections have featured the work of: Titus Matiyane, Michael MacGarry, Namsa Leuba, Michael Taylor, Ben Johnson, Marlene Steyn, Richard Penn, Nico Krijno and Jan-Henri Booyens.

Io Makandal, Event Horizon, 2019, 600 x 1700mm, 100% Silk Satin, Price: R2,600.00 ex. VAT

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