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Latitudes Online presents Encounters – an online exhibition from the 2021 CuratorLab residency programme.

Encounters showcases eight online exhibitions by emerging South African curators. In partnership with the National Arts Council (NAC), Latitudes’ CuratorLab engaged with aspiring curators from all corners of the country to build a platform for new artistic voices.

Although diverse in location, heritage and experience, the stories that have emerged are woven together by the thread that makes us all human. Each project is strongly linked to journeying through life; to encounters with identity, memory, home, loss, activism and, ultimately, with oneself.

Each show engages with artists from the curator’s community, pulling ever so gently at the thread of what makes us human and how the encounters we have along the way shape us. We invite you to listen to their stories which, all in their own way, grapple with such tethers of life’s journey - with an intimacy and softness in their exploration.

Each CuratorLab participant was mentored by Latitudes In-House Curator, Nina Carew.

Ranji Mangcu presented by Motlalepula Phukubje, Tender-Headed (IQHINA), 2020, Giclee watercolour prints, 29,7 x 42cm, R4,800 ex. VAT

Along this path, we have had to encounter loss. One of our talented participants, Litemba Mpambani, suffered a tragic accident that took her life.

We dedicate this year’s programme to Litemba and all those who survive her.

To your unyielding spirit. To the fire that lived behind your eyes and the effortless magnitude you carried.
To a young woman whose life reminded us that Art can penetrate every corner of our being, and urge us to grow.
Today we light a match and carry the torches to ignite the flames you would have,
in your wake – which are universes wide and oceans deep.
May you multiply, may you infinitely rise.

- For Litemba, by Bontle Tau

Boitumelo Makousu
North West
O Tswa Kae, Oya Kae |
My Cradle, My Story, My Heritage

Bophelo Ke ART

Bontle Tau
Free State
Translating Home

Art reminds us of home and distant lands all at once -
it must always, without a doubt, be uncontainable

Chelsea Selvan
What shapes us? Makes us? Guides us?

To crack open a deeper understanding of the stories and meanings behind art and prompt us to challenge or reflect on our beliefs and view of the world

Jordan Anthony
Kwa-Zulu Natal

To trace constellations with time, space and affective forecasting

Lesole Tauatswala

How much of ourselves, and what about ourselves,
do we need to remember, to remain ourselves?

S'nothile Gumede
Western Cape
Queer Joy: Narratives Beyond Victimhood

Re-imaging our histories: Identifying, collecting and making public archives that speak of our joys, hopes & dreams as a way of taking back our power as a people

Zannele Libambo
Identify with Me

I see myself as a curator who intends to close a gap in the industry, discover new artworks
and generate opportunities

Motlalepula Phukubje
Western Cape Province
Look Mama, A Negro:
Black Existence as Black Resistance

I seek to explore the relationships between Art and Activism with the framework of
Feminist-Decolonial Theory

Litemba Mpambani
Free State

Litemba was devoted to bringing forth the erased narratives of black women and queer individuals who occupy space outside of our city centers in South Africa. We honour and remember her pursuits

Gilbert & George
Bag-Men 2020

302 x 571 cm | 118 7/8 x 224 13/16 in.
© Gilbert & George. Courtesy White Cube

Bongani Tshabalala artist portrait presented by Bontle Tau

To enquire about any of the artworks in this exhibition

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