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Liberty Two Degrees | Art Collection


Latitudes is proud to have partnered with Waldman Studio, a leading Interior Arts Agency, to create a new collection of bespoke artworks for Liberty Two Degrees. Here we share the Liberty Two Degrees art journey with you at the company's beautiful new head office, in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg.

With access to the top art and design talent across the continent, and our vast experience in transforming public and private spaces means, Latitudes and Waldman Studio come together to create powerful artistic and narrative experiences. 

Liberty Two Degrees | Featured Artists

Evans Mbugua

Mbugua is an artist-designer born in 1979 in Nairobi, Kenya. He currently lives and works in Paris, France. Both of these culturally diverse cities are an inspiration for his works.

Adele van Heerden

Van Heerden is an artist and curator based in Cape Town. Her recent body of work calls for a return to nature within urban environments and acknowledged its many benefits for the human psyche.


Lidudumalingani, born in the village of Zikhovane in the Eastern Cape, is a South African writer, film-maker and photographer who specialises in medium format and #35mm film photography. For the artist, cities are something of an obsession.

Thero Makepe

Thero Makepe is an artist and photographer born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana. At present, his work uses sculpture, photography and sound art as a means of exploring themes of childhood, memory and his multidimensional experience as an African male.

Thalente Khomo

Thalente Khomo born in Gcilima, Margate in 1995, is a member of the Amasosha art Movement, a collective of young Durban-based artists that promotes hard work and solidarity among its members. In her work, Khomo questions the exploitation of young adults, which leads to the exposing of their body as an object in adult life.

Sibusiso Gcaba

Sibusiso Gcaba is a Johannesburg-based photographer born in 1989. He studied photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2016, and Advertising at Umuzi in 2017, specialising in multimedia.


At the core of our ethos is a desire to empower, uplift, and create sustainable solutions among our community. Which is why we produced this woven sculpture, Hive, in collaboration with crafters living in Bethany Home, a place of rehabilitation for abused women and their children, who we trained in the art of weaving. 

“This embroidered sculpture draws inspiration from nature’s symbol of productivity: the beehive. Just like bees in a hive, every employee plays a vital role in an organisation’s success. Everyone has their own job to do, but within the context of a larger goal.” 


AFROPOLITAN: Celebrating everyday African living

Afropolitan is a photographic exhibition showcasing works from South Africa’s emerging artistic talent. From slow moments that seem to press pause on the relentless reel of city life, images that capture the serene stillness of African landscapes, and works that unpack the memories of the past, recontextualising them into a contemporary, Afropolitan identity, this collection explores - and celebrates - everyday urban African living.

The artists featured include Sibusiso Gcaba, Thalente Khomo, Lidudumalingani and Thero Makepe


Renowned South African jewellery designer, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, collaborated with Latitudes Online and Waldman Studio to create this large-scale woven wall hanging, the designer’s first foray into this new medium.

Artist's statement:

“There is a musical quality to this piece, the ropes like strings or notes creating a certain cadence, a gentle build-up to the central cadenza of a freestyle rope, grouped and embellished. The rope accented with brass, almost like dots on a musical note. A balance of chaos with some sort of visual order”. - Katherine-Mary Pichulik


Who’s That Girl? (2021) Evans Mbugua

The project opens with a large-scale lenticular artwork in the office's reception area, which features two artworks from Kenyan artist Evans Mbugua's series Who's That Girl? As visitors move along the work, the images transform, allowing guests to experience the two bold and joyful works.

The artworks on the lenticular framework can be updated regularly.

Mbugua is an artist-designer born in 1979 in Nairobi, Kenya. He currently lives and works in Paris, France. Both of these culturally diverse cities are an inspiration for his works.

This series of works, Who’s That Girl? was created at Atelier le Grand Village, a studio in the South of France where artists from the African continent are invited to work and revive the art of stone lithography.

"I portray my life, and those of my friends and strangers. In this way, diversity nourishes
my curiosity about the world. I look at our identities and their hidden facets, and my portraits celebrate the characters of my subjects. Colour is also emotion. The choice of bright colours for this particular series represents an explosion, a desire to live, to go beyond, while the subject’s big smiles are a message of hope that I wish to convey." – Evans Mbugua

To view and purchase the series of unique hand-finished lithographs visit Atelier le Grande Village on Latitudes Online

Gilbert & George
Bag-Men 2020

302 x 571 cm | 118 7/8 x 224 13/16 in.
© Gilbert & George. Courtesy White Cube

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