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nada baraka

Born in 1990, Nada Baraka is a visual artist with a BA in Communication Media Art and Fine Arts from the American University in Cairo and a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins, London. Her work has been shown in several group exhibitions in London, Paris and Lisbon, and she has been featured online in Louisiana, USA (Artebella). In 2015, she won first prize in Mohamad Abla's painting competition. Her work has been featured in Cairo in Gypsum gallery, Mashrabia Gallery, Darb 1718, Opera annual Youth Salon and Medrar. Baraka lives and works in Cairo.

Baraka makes paintings that maintain an endless, active state of flux, swaying between abstract and surreal with her evocative application and vivid colors. Baraka seeks to generate forms in new contexts as a means to challenge and deconstruct the obvious and tease meaning out of absurdity. Fluctuations of emotions triggered by various experiences build up to a narrative that eludes interpretation. The core of her work is this process that seeks to narrate an experience through expressionist brushwork and surrealist methodology. A central aspect in those narratives is the concept of eruption, appearing as distorted forms, body parts, colors or layers, all bathed in a fluidity punctuated with striking detail.

Nada Baraka
Quadrupeled since 1990, 2019

Fictitious beings escaping, 2021
Conveyor, 2019

South South Feature

Dream-like figures and distorted structures morph into one another in the work of young artist Nada Baraka, inviting the viewer to open up the parameters of what the imagination allows.

Nada Baraka
Withstanding the vagaries, 2019

Artist CV

Upcoming Exhibition: 

2023 | Valley of Walls, APEX exhibition, Cairo, Egypt

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 | Land of Sequels, Gypsum gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2019 | Cosmic Truths and Tales to be Told, Gypsum gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2015 | Fractals, Mashrabia gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Group Exhibitions:

2022 | Fission, Duo exhibition at Goethe Institute, Cairo, Egypt

2021 | Technocrate, Art. D'Egypte, Cairo, Egypt

2019 | Tea Time with my lungs, Soma Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2017 | Paper Trail, Gypsum gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2017 | Cairo Art fair, Artsmart, Cairo, Egypt

2016 | A season in Hell, Gypsum, Cairo, Egypt

2016 | Les Negligences volontaires, Shanaynay, Paris, France

2016 | Mohamed Abla’s Painting Exhibition, Greek Campus, Cairo, Egypt

2015 | Roznama, Contemporary Image collective, Cairo, Egypt

2015 | Art Fair, Arts-mart,Cairo. 2015- Naema’s office is bleeding, Medrar, Cairo, Egypt

2014 | Opera youth salon 25th, Opera House, Cairo, Egypt

2014 | Roznama, Medrar, Cairo, Egypt

2014 | Mostra, Lisbon, Portugal

2014 | Stop it, Postgraduate Degree show, Lethaby, London, UK

2013 | CSM Auction Exhibition, Lethaby, London, UK

2014 | Mohamed Abla painting competition, Opera House, Cairo, Egypt

2013 | First come first served, Lion Lamb, London, UK

2013 | Intransit, V22, London, UK

2012 | FA VIP, ARTFAIR, New York, USA

2012 | Parallel Visions, Darb 1718, Cairo, Egypt

2012 | 470 Parallel, Sharjah, Cairo, Egypt

2011 | Annual Youth Salon, Opera house, Cairo, Egypt


2016 | Something Else, off biennale at Darb 1718, Cairo, Egypt

Art Fairs:

2023 | Cairo Art fair, Le Lab in collaboration with Gypsum gallery, Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt


2017 | Do-it بالعربي ”Dwell Workshop with architect Ahmed Zazaa at Townhouse Factory, Cairo, Egypt


2023 | ANNA Award Winner, Latitudes Online

2015 | 1st place at Mohamed Alba’s annual painting exhibition, Cairo, Egypt


2023 | Exhibition production grant from APEX New York

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