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Latitudes Core Values:

  • Respect and Inclusion
  • Shared Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Commitment and Accountability
  1. Exhibitor Profile
  • The Exhibitor is required to provide updated biographies and profile images for profile updates. Latitudes protects all exhibitor & artist profiles by allowing edits to only be made from our admin accounts on your behalf.
  • The Exhibitor is required to ensure all works added onto the platform are available for sale/acquisition. If the artwork sells or the consignment period ends, the exhibitor is responsible for updating or removing the artwork on the site.
  • Membership and Payment changes - The exhibitor is required to inform the Latitudes Team should they not be able to make payment on the agreed date or if their card details change.

  1. Artworks Uploads 
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that the website contains current information and must consistently update the inventory of artworks available for sale or acquisition under the exhibitor profile.
  • The Exhibitor guarantees their authority to sell the artworks featured under their profile on Latitudes.
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that the quality of artwork images meets standard practices; otherwise, Latitudes Online reserves the right to disable artworks that do not meet image quality standards.
  • Additionally, the Exhibitor must include the artwork's location (e.g., Johannesburg, South Africa).

  1. Artwork Pricing
  • The Exhibitor is responsible for maintaining current artwork pricing and making any necessary adjustments.
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that all artwork pricing excludes vat.
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that all artwork prices include Latitudes Online commission (if applicable).
  • Latitudes reserves the right to propose revised prices and offer guidance to the Exhibitor on appropriate market pricing.

  1. Artwork Shipments 
  • Latitudes will handle shipping quotes, logistics, and client communication for all exhibitors on a commission plan.
  • Any transportation costs will be invoiced to the client in addition to the artwork(s) selling price.
  • The exhibitor must deliver to the Latitudes depot in South Africa or the designated shipping depot within three days of receiving payment for a sale. Prior to delivering the artwork, the artist must conduct a condition report and share it with the Latitudes team before/after the artwork has been delivered to the depot.
  • The exhibitor must ensure that the weight and dimensions provided to Latitudes for the purposes of shipping quotes are correct. In the event that there are variances in the aforementioned upon receipt of the artwork for packaging and shipping, Latitudes reserves the right to claim any excess shipping costs that arise from these variances from the exhibitor, as the client cannot be expected to bear surprise costs at such a late stage in the acquisition process.

  1. Custom Duties
  • Payment of taxes and custom duties will be the exclusive responsibility of the client.

  1. Defaults / Damages 
  • If an artwork delivered by the exhibitor or artist to Latitudes has a proven defect, the exhibitor agrees to manage any necessary follow-up actions (such as artwork restoration, replacement, credit notes, refunds, etc.). The Exhibitor also assures Latitudes against any latent defects resulting from flaws in the design or execution of their artworks.

  1. Sales and Enquiries
  • Clients can make enquiries via the Latitudes website. Upon enquiry, the Latitudes Sales team notifies the Exhibitor via email.
  • If the Exhibitor is on a commission plan, Latitudes will handle the payment process, deducting its commission before paying the remainder to the Exhibitor upon receipt of payment from the client. It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to compensate the Artist.
  • Clients have the right to demand paying the lower price for goods presented displaying two varying prices - suppliers are not permitted to charge consumers the higher price for the same goods.

  1. Online Shows:
  • Before requesting a show, the Exhibitor must ensure that all artworks intended for the online exhibition are uploaded onto the site.
  • For each show, the Exhibitor must select a maximum of 10 - 20 works. No alterations or adjustments will be permitted after the show is live on the site.

  1. Artworks/Inventory Audit:
  • Latitudes Online conducts a Bi-Annual website and backend audit apart from marking works as sold. Should the Exhibitor have failed to update their page, engage with the Latitudes Team or provide information when requested, Latitudes reserves the right to disable the Exhibitor’ profile with given notice.
  • The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring and managing the following:
  • Removing all artworks out of consignment from the site on a monthly basis.
  • Updating the status of sold artworks as "sold" or removing them from the site monthly.

Non-compliance with the above conditions may lead to the removal of the exhibitor or their artworks from the platform. 

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