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Taken Out of Con[Text]

A text experiment by Koleka Putuma


Koleka Putuma experiments (backspace) fidgets with extracts from her published works, No Easter Sunday for Queers; Hullo, Bu-bye, Koko, Come In; and Collective Amnesia. She invites musician Odwa Bongo to fiddle (backspace) play with their sonic archive; peeling and rearranging what comes up… or out (or both).

Taken Out of Con[Text] assembles scraps of archives, hauntings funneled through loose endings and fickle certainties. Language can be such an unreliable source. We are met with the fissures (backspace) intersections of documentation and performance. A sonic and text experiment. A chorus of sound and colour, washed in the blood of darlings killed and revived.

You'll release it when you are ready.

A performance reckoning with finished works in process. (backspace). The performers reckon with works in process.

Date: Saturday 26th February 2022

Time: Doors open 3pm, show starts 4pm

Tickets: R150

Running time: 45min

Location: Rupert Museum (venue name)

Text and Performance by Koleka Putuma

Music by Odwa Bongo

Food, drinks and merchandise will be available for sale at the venue.

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