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Doyle Wham and Latitudes are delighted to present a solo exhibition of Puleng Mongale (b. 1991, Orlando East, Soweto), surveying key works from the artist's burgeoning oeuvre.

Puleng Mongale, Heaven on Earth, 2021, Fine Art Textured Silk 270GSM, Edition: 10, Size: 42 x 59.4 cm. Presented by Doyle Wham. ENQUIRE

Mongale, who currently lives and works in Johannesburg, has developed a unique, referential style of digital collage that combines the familiar and the surreal, the domestic and the universal. Each work is simultaneously a form of innovative self-portraiture, with Mongale artfully inhabiting unexpected characters and situations, from the serene to the provocative. Through this process of self-imagining, the artist both reflects and reconstructs a relationship with her own heritage, particularly absorbing the lineages of the women who surround her.

The exhibition’s title, Heaven on Earth, is borrowed from the fourth and most recent work in Mongale's ongoing Spirit Series. This series further explores and invokes the artist’s connection to a personal and collective past, demonstrating the living reciprocity and significance of such visual manifestations. As is the case throughout Mongale’s artistic practice, these works possess an undeniable, beguiling resonance that invites the viewer to look, and look again.

The virtual exhibition has been designed in partnership with New Art City, an artist-run platform that creates a global stage for digital art within innovative, immersive worlds.

Click here to visit the exhibition online.

Enter an immersive world here.

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