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Solo Presentation: Abdus Salaam presented by THK Gallery in collaboration with Nirox 


The word انسان) Insaan) translates as human being. The word’s roots are انس (uns), meaning ‘intimate’ or ‘love’, and نسي) nasyia), meaning ‘forgetful’,  defining the human being as both the intimate one and the forgetful one.  This poetic fragrance is often alluded to by the mystics and scholars of  Islam as it so poignantly delivers us to the essence of humanity being that  of love, a reality that we often forget within our terrestrial, ethereal and  Divine planes.  

Abdus Salaam, 2024, Nirox Sculpture Park, courtesy of Nirox

This body of work, made over the course of six weeks in residence during the month-long fast of Ramadan, ties this land and its hominid remains,  this river and its polluted state, notions of our global environmental  shortcomings alongside intimate and personal moments. It asks if perhaps  love — or the reminder of it, being the essence of our being and therefore  our sanctuary across multiple planes — might ease the anxieties, tensions,  and personal fears that we project outwardly into the echo chamber of forgetfulness. 

Salaam will have a solo presentation at this year's iteration of the RMB Latitudes Art Fair.

Abdus Salaam, Surrender, 2024, Nirox Sculpture Park, courtesy of Nirox

This notion is spread across three spaces. Held in the Screening Room, Chapter 1 starts with water, earth, and light, for we are embodied souls who’s transcendence is through our earthly experience and our planet is but  a reflection of our communal state. Chapter 2 is in the Covered Space, with  tones of the heart and time, where change is most true. And Chapter 3 is in  the Residency Studio.  

Abdus Salaam, Our Last stone, 2024, Foraged and sculpted Table Mountain sandstone river boulders. Courtesy THK Gallery

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