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Frances Goodman launches a new publication: Through the Glass, Sparkling


Through the Glass, Sparkling delves deep into the multi-disciplinary practice of acclaimed South African artist, Frances Goodman, presenting a collection of stories, essays, and poems that intimately explore the central theme of mirrors and reflections.

Goodman's work, spanning over 25 years, confronts the complex concepts of female identity, consumerism, and beauty. Her use of everyday materials associated with the beauty and fashion industries, such as sequins, acrylic nails, and false eyelashes, aims to shed light on the constraints and narrow pathways women navigate in their pursuit of identity, while also celebrating these tools of empowerment. The mirror, both metaphorical and literal, holds a crucial place in Goodman's work, symbolising the dichotomy of truth and illusion that permeates our modern world.

Through the Glass, Sparkling is not simply a catalogue or a linear narrative, but an anthology echoing the multitude of responses to Goodman's artwork throughout her career. It breaks away from convention, inviting contributors to respond to her works as experiencing subjects rather than traditional art writers. This collaborative book offers readers the opportunity to interpret Goodman's art from their own perspectives, becoming active participants in the exploration of identity, reflection, and autonomy.

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