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Last week, Latitudes was invited by Between 10and5 to curate our first Instagram auction.

The auction saw several bidding wars, and adding to the fun was the fact that many of the bidders were first-time buyers.

Here we introduce you to Dr Tariro Kawondera, who bought her first piece of art at the Instagram auction. Zimbabwean born and bred, she is a lover of all art forms, and surgery, for which she is currently in training, is her chosen art form.

We chatted to Kawondera after the auction:

What is the first piece of art you bought, and what inspired you to buy it? I've been a lover of many different art forms for a long time but was actually a virgin at art buying before my Instagram auction purchase. The first piece I bought was by Mbali Tshabalala titled "Conversation within". What spoke to me and inspired me to buy it was how the different layers in the image came together to tell a story.

Mbali Tshabalala, "Conversation within", 2019, 5 colour silkscreen

Your favourite piece you own? I ended up buying two pieces at the auction, and as they are my first, they are both my favourites. The other was Casual, by Maxime Manga.

Maxime Manga, Casual, 2019, digital collage

What, for you, is special about the continent's art scene? I enjoy the diversity of works available and the wide range of affordability. There is something for everyone.

How do you know when a piece of art is for you? When it catches my eye immediately and strikes strong emotions within me, be it happiness or sadness or even introspection.

What are your thoughts on buying art online? I love it! It is much less intimidating, especially for beginners like me. It also makes the process more accessible, as you can buy from galleries beyond your geographical confines. I guess I just love online shopping in general, so the Instagram auction really appealed to me.

Pieces you've been eyeing on Latitudes: 

Mpho Mokgadi "Corner Joubert Street and Jeppe", photographic print on true fibre matt

Silas Adelanke Adeoye, "Kiss The Bride"

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