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Capital Art

Empowering art collectors to preserve our art for generations to come

Capital Art's platform makes it easy for art collectors to record their collection to maximise its value and benefit the artist over time.  


Capital Art is an art collection management service and the first focusing on empowering collectors of modern and contemporary African art. Art collectors can use Capital Art's cloud-based platform to document the  details of their artworks and save artefacts like exhibition catalogues,  invoices, and certificates of authenticity.  

Karabo Morule, founder of Capital Art

Capital Art enables art collectors to get updated estimated values for their artworks where the collector has provided the purchase price or a previous valuation. Karabo Morule, the Founder of Capital Art and an art collector herself, highlights that knowing the value of each of your artworks is vital for the following two reasons:  

  1. Insurance purposes, so that you don't run the risk of being  underinsured, and  
  2. Sound financial planning and tracking accurate values for art; you  would not use outdated values for your shares or unit trust investments, and you shouldn't do the same with your art investments

Whether the artwork was purchased at a premier auction house in London,  England or on holiday in Lamu, Kenya or even if it is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Capital Art makes it easy and affordable for art collectors to manage their collections and track the value of their artworks and their art collections to preserve financial and cultural value for future generations.  

At Capital Art, their belief is that when artworks from all geographies are fairly represented and valued in the global art market, we will be a more inclusive society.

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Capital Art Services (Pty) Ltd is a technology company that makes software for art collectors to perform collection management. The company was  formed in October 2020 and the company gain its first customers in  December 2020. Most of the company’s subscribers are based in South Africa  and company has users in a number of other African countries, the United  States, Europe and also in Singapore and India. The platform does not facilitate the transacting (that is, the buying and selling) of artworks and so it  does not compete with galleries, art fairs, self-represented artists nor art  dealers.  

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